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Where The Rivers Bend
Double Helix
Tina Bernard: lead vocals. Guitar
Noreen Inglesi: composer, lyricist, vocals, percussion
Alison Shea: piano, vocals
Jeffry Shea, guitar and engineer

The songs in this collection by Noreen Inglesi are in a wide variety of styles including popular, folk, new age, country and classical. Included in this collection is“Somalia” which was featured at the Music Educators National Conference in Ohio where it received an award for excellence. Noreen composed this piece, scored for soprano, alto, piano and cello, during the 1993 UN rescue mission to Somalia. The theme song of this collection “Where the Rivers Bend” was written for her father Anthony Inglesi and highlights the importance of family in our lives.

Somalia by Noreen Inglesi



Beyond 2000: The Future of Our Planet

This compact disc is a collection of poetry and music, which Notable Works’ Artist in Residence Noreen Inglesi created as part of a project partially funded by the Rhode Island State Council of the Arts during the spring of 2000. Some of the pieces created as part of this project were premiered by the musical ensemble “Double Helix” at a fundraising event at Rosecliff Mansion sponsored by the Nature Conservancy and the Aquidneck Island Land Trust.

Each of the nine pieces in this collection highlight the efforts of the Nature Conservancy to preserve our state’s natural treasures. This project was completed with the help of the dedicated staff at our local Nature Conservancy, who donated their time to give personal tours of Block Island and their preserves throughout the state. The Conservancy’s professionals such as scientist Jane Jackson shared their knowledge and were key in each of the pieces created as part of this project. For example, the fifth piece in this collection was inspired by Jane’s guided tour of the Matunuck Hills Preserve, where one can be enraptured by forsythia in early bloom glistening atop an ice-capped kettle pond tucked safely away in Matunuck Hills. The third piece in this collection entitled “Goosewing Beach Preserve” was inspired by a tour of that preserve where one could experience first hand a tern carving its nest in the sands and a plover gathering bits of broken shells and tucking itself amidst the velvety blanket of the dunes. “The Nature Conservancy on Block Island,” which is the second piece in this collection was once again inspired by a personal tour by the Conservancy’s dedicated staff, focuses on the vital efforts of people such as Captain John Rob Lewis organizing islanders to protect the island’s natural habitats.

Quicksand Pond Preserve by Noreen Inglesi



A Musical Tribute to Rhode Island Artists and Photographers

Music and Poetry by Noreen Inglesi inspired by some of Rhode Island’s recognized visual artists and photographers including:Gail Armstrong, Cheryl Cameron, Kent Cameron, Craig Masten, Ann Rozhon and Susan Russell.

Metamorphosis by Noreen Inglesi



Working In Harmony For Home and Hearth

This compilation CD,, which addresses the issue of substandard housing and homelessness, was produced and published by Notable Works in partnership with South County Habitat for Humanity and is comprised of original music and poetry by Notable Works Artist In Residence, Noreen Inglesi as well as many local artists such as Bill Harley and Atwater Donnelly.

The Homeless Heart by Noreen Inglesi



Incidental Music For Shakepeare’s Comedy Of Errors

This music was written by Noreen Inglesi and arranged and produced by Dr. Audrey Kaiser during the summer of 2002 for the Colonial Theatre’s production of Comedy of Errors for their Shakespeare in the Park Series.

Overture by Noreen Inglesi



Incidental Music For Shakepeare’s Merchant of Venice

This is a collection of original music by Noreen Inglesi and Barbara Herald during the summer of 2003 for the Colonial Theatre’s production of Merchant of Venice for their Shakespeare in the Park Series

Overture by Noreen Inglesi

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